May I benefit from telephone counselling? 
Telephone counselling has a great advantage for those unable to meet a counsellor face to face. 
Those for whom leaving the house may be difficult. 
Disabled/house bound individuals. 
Shift workers. 
Clients who live or work away from home from time to time. 
Those who may have experienced mental, physical or sexual abuse and find that remaining in surroundings where they continue to feel safe have the opportunity to explore their issues more comfortably. 
No counsellor available within your immediate area. 
Mothers/Fathers unable to leave their young children in the evenings. 
How does telephone counselling start? 
The first step is to contact me and confirm telephone counselling is the route you wish to take. 
I will send you a contract by post or email. 
Payment is made before each session on the fees page of this website.  
On the agreed date and time for the first session, I will ideally ring you on a land-line for the agreed 50 minute session. 
All sessions work better if you know you will not be disturbed by others in the vicinity. 


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