Holding Hands - Dementia Counselling Support for Carers, family members and those that have been recently diagnosed


Counselling can be of value for the client
In the early stages 
with or without a formal diagnosis of dementia 
for coming to terms with change 
assisting their empowerment 
Sessions focus on - 
how you are managing at this time 
day to day worries and concerns 
exploring any strong emotions that you may find arising  
As an experienced person-centred counsellor I offer - 
a safe place to explore feelings experienced at this time 
the principle of being non-judgmental so even your most difficult feelings may be explored  
the encouragement for you to be fully yourself within the safety of our developing relationship 
I offer confidentiality and all that you describe and share with me is confidential 


Counselling offers a private and confidential space to explore not only feelings and issues around caring for clients with dementia but also a space in which to explore any organisational/working issues that may arise as a result. 

Caring for a loved one suffering from early stages of dementia may be rewarding but also difficult at times. 
Confidential counselling sessions allow you to explore any feelings at all whether they are positive or negative and safe in the knowledge that you are not judged. 
As a carer you may find it difficult to spend time for yourself and this 50 minute session offers you a space solely devoted to you. 
Counselling offers a place to balance these sometimes extreme feelings assured in the knowledge you are in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential place. 


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