Person-centred counselling may help you begin to uncover your own solutions how? 

Deciding to try counselling may be daunting especially if that decision has been forced upon you. My style of counselling is Person-Centred, a practice that focuses on you. 
At the first assessment session we look at the prospect of whether we feel we can work together and find out what your experience of counselling has been and/or what your expectations of the counselling may be. 
Sometimes we are all troubled by thoughts, or “strong” emotions. When they are in conflict it is at that point counselling may be able to help resolve the conflict thereby allowing you to begin to manage the complexities of life around you. 
As our first session evolves, a relationship begins. Within this relationship we develop an understanding of how things are for you at the present time and the difficulties you may experience which prevent you from seeing what opportunities may be available to you moving forward. 


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